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SurePayroll & Virtual TimeClock Special Offer

November 14, 2016

Integrating your employee time clock and payroll system is a great way to save time and money every time you do payroll. Virtual TimeClock's payroll integration allows you to quickly and easily transfer your employee timecard hours, overtime, and leave into your payroll system.

The electronic transfer of timecard hours is not only much faster, it eliminates the data entry errors that can occur when manually entering employee payroll hours. After a one-time set up between your payroll service and Virtual TimeClock, employee hours flow easily and accurately from timecard to paycheck!

We have Virtual TimeClock payroll integration guides for most popular payroll providers. For the past several years Redcort Software has developed a special partnership with SurePayroll®1 for Virtual TimeClock to SurePayroll integration. We love working with the folks at SurePayroll. They provide the same great customer experience and support that Virtual TimeClock customers have come to expect. 

If you're considering a new payroll service, get started today and get a quote from SurePayroll with special pricing for Virtual TimeClock users. The New Year is a great time to upgrade to SurePayroll. 

1. SurePayroll is a trademark of Paychex, Inc. Redcort Software is not affiliated with Paychex, Inc. in any way.

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