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Seattle Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

August 10, 2012

Beginning September 1, 2012, the City of Seattle will require all but the smallest employers to provide paid sick leave to their Seattle employees. The sick leave rules under the new law may differ based on the size of the company's workforce. Time clock software can help you comply with several key rules of the new Paid Sick Leave law. Here's what you need to look for when researching time and attendance systems.

Paid Sick Leave Accrual - Time clock software that allows you to accrue leave time based on hours actually worked. For example, employees can earn at least one hour of accrued paid leave time for each 40 hours worked. We call this a calculated accrual.

Carryover of Unused Sick Leave Hours - Time clock software that allows you to keep separate track of unused leave hours that need to be carried over into the next benefit year. This should be separate from paid leave hours accrued during the current benefit year.

Our Virtual TimeClock software allows you to completely track all types of paid and unpaid leave, including both accrual and use. Download a free time clock software trial to check it out for yourself.

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