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Save Paper on Earth Day

April 18, 2019

Earth Day is a time when we remember all the ways we can better steward our limited resources and have a positive impact on our work and home environment. One common way to conserve resources is to use less paper. Switching from paper timesheets or punch cards to electronic time tracking is a simple way to save not only paper, but also time and money. 

Switch from Paper Timesheets
There can be significant ongoing costs to record, collect, and total paper-based timecards. In addition, the need to keep historical time and attendance records creates additional filing, managing, and storage costs for those paper records. 
Employee time clock software like Virtual TimeClock eliminates paper timecards and instantly totals employee hours and overtime. Historical timecard records are stored electronically in a modern SQL database that makes the retrieval of any timecard fast and easy. Instead of stacks of punchcards or boxes and boxes of timesheets, Virtual TimeClock allows you to store decades of employee timecards on a flash drive that costs a few dollars and is smaller than a pack of gum.

Save Time & Money
It's a well-documented fact that switching to employee time clock software can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year by eliminating buddy punching, unwanted overtime hours and payroll hours spent on collecting and totaling timecards. Find out more in this article about the benefits of digital time tracking.

Virtual TimeClock
Learn more about how your business can save time, money and limited resources at our Virtual TimeClock home page. You can download a free, fully functional trial of Virtual TimeClock to see first hand if it's the right time and attendance solution for your employees. Contact our best-in-class customer care and support team with any questions, we're here to help.

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