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Redcort Software 2016 Year in Review

December 12, 2016

2016 has been an extraordinarily busy, productive year for us at Redcort Software. As we've settled into our new expanded offices, we've added several new employees. Our new team members have a variety of skills making them valuable members of the Redcort Software team to assist in business operations and to provide exceptional customer service.

30th Year of Developing Software
This year marked a milestone for us because it is our 30th year of developing Virtual TimeClock software. We've been a little nostalgic as we reflected on how far we've come in the last three decades.

Virtual TimeClock 16 Release
We released Virtual TimeClock 16 in May with new features that simplify clocking in and managing the TimeClock. The Missed Clock Out feature was introduced to alert workers when they forget to clock out and make it easy for managers and administrators to correct missed punches. New lunch and group based shift rules help employees save time, control overtime costs, and ensure compliance with state and federal labor laws. If you haven’t already, you can easily upgrade your Virtual TimeClock software and enjoy the new features we've created for you.

Updated Website & Growing Knowledge Base
In August, we released a major website update for easier navigation access and several new resources. Our brand new Knowledge Base is an excellent source of Virtual TimeClock information, documentation and assistance for you to better understand and use your time clock software. We'll continue adding content to our Knowledge Base throughout the winter and well into 2017.

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