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Redcort Publishes Timecard Calculator v6

December 6, 2019

Redcort Software recently released version 6 of the Free Timecard Calculator. With over 2 million visits a month, Redcort Software provides the #1 employee timecard calculator on the Internet today. Our timecard calculator allows a user to enter their daily start and stop times, including a break, and then calculates the total hours in decimal format for payroll. For nearly 10 years, our timecard calculator has been the calculator of choice for employers and employees around the world.

Free Timecard Calculator v6 comes with over a dozen updates, including:


  • Redesigned calculator with modern interface.
  • Up and down keyboard arrows now increment/decrement values.
  • Simplified break deduction to a single minutes field.
  • Placeholder zeros (00:00) now disappear when input field is selected.


  • On mobile devices, the numbers-only keyboard will display when input field is selected.
  • Printed timecards are cleaner more readable.
  • Input fields with an error are now highlighted.
  • Timecard totals are now updated on any input change.
  • Placeholders text updated display to standard work hours.
  • Daily total is only displayed if all time data is valid.
  • Final total is now displayed with all available daily totals, even if some entries are incomplete.


  • Timesheet errors are now reliably displayed after a calculator reset.
  • Error no longer displayed when input fields are empty, but initial value is changed.
  • If multiple errors are triggered, error message will now clear itself reliably.
  • All necessary data must now be present for total to be calculated.

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