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QuickBooks® Time Clock

January 26, 2012

January is usually the busiest month of the year at Redcort Software and this year is no exception. The engineers are busy putting the finishing touches on Virtual TimeClock '12. I think it's going to be our most significant upgrade since Virtual TimeClock '09. The new administrative command center is awesome! It unites all the administrative tools under one password umbrella. I can also share with all you Intuit fans that Virtual TimeClock '12 will have time clock payroll integration with QuickBooks®1 desktop for Windows. You'll be able to import hours from Virtual TimeClock directly into QuickBooks® timesheets for easy payroll processing. Sorry Mac users, but QuickBooks® for Mac doesn't allow importing into timesheets.

Be on the lookout for the Virtual TimeClock '12 announcement. It's right around the corner!

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