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PIN Entry Time Clock

September 23, 2011

There are many ways to capture employee time punches: from an old mechanical punch clock to sophisticated biometric systems designed to completely eliminate buddy punching, and all manner of time and attendance systems in between. Virtual TimeClock has long held a unique position in the time and attendance industry because of its ability to fill the role of multiple business systems at once. For example, not only do you get a completely automated payroll process, but you get the advantages of improving office communication with real-time monitoring of the status of every employee with the in/out board that's built right into the time clock interface. However, we're beginning to discover that some businesses want more anonymity from their time clock. They're looking for a way to have multiple employees clock in and out from a single time clock kiosk, without having to first select their name from a list, which could be quite long depending on how many workers you have using the time clock. Businesses are also concerned about employees, students, or patients being able to see when others are coming and going.

These are some of the reasons why we're planning a PIN entry time clock that will allow employees to clock in and out from a public time clock station without being able to see what other employees are doing. The exciting thing is that this really becomes the foundation for a biometric time clock software solution, with a finger swipe replacing entering a PIN with the keyboard.

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