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One Time Price for Time Clock Software

April 1, 2017

The prankster in you may have been lining up all of your elaborate tricks for April Fools Day. It may be April 1st, but this important blog is not a prank. You can really buy quality time clock software for your employees at a reasonable one-time cost.
Many people are shocked to find out that Virtual TimeClock pricing is a simple one-time software purchase. If you're an 'install it and forget it' kind of user, there's no other costs involved to use your time clock software. Ever. 

Some customers like to get the latest upgrades and rely on our friendly, knowledgeable U.S. based technical support team. For these users we do offer an optional annual software Maintenance & Support program. It provides a low cost way to receive unlimited technical support and free upgrades to each new release of Virtual TimeClock. But again, it’s completely optional!
If you look at different time clock options available on the Internet, you'll noticed a bunch of new, unproven businesses offering web based time clocks that charge you monthly based on the number of employees. While the startup cost is not huge  ($50-100 per month for 10 emloyees), the monthly fees continue forever. 
We have many thousands of companies that have been using Virtual TimeClock for a decade or more. Do some simple math to see what these online web based time clock services will cost you in just a year or two.

A prank is being played, but it’s not funny. There are a lot of companies signing up for online monthly services when they already own computers that can safely and securely run and manage their employee time clock.
Getting started is easy and our pricing is super cost effective. Give our Virtual TimeClock software a try. We offer a free trial of Virtual TimeClock without any cost or obligation.

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