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Merry Maids Time Clock

July 22, 2014

We've received a number of calls recently from Merry Maids franchise owners saying that Merry Maids corporate will no longer be handling payroll processing for them. Franchises will apparently be switching to new franchise management software that will no longer include time keeping. The switch was originally scheduled for August, but has since been moved back to October. Proactive franchise owners are already looking for new time & attendance solutions now rather than waiting until they're forced to paper time sheets with zero employee accountability.

The pattern with the Merry Maids offices we've spoken to seems to be fairly consistent in that employees start at a central office, then go out to their assigned houses, before returning back to the office at the end of the day. The franchises are delighted that Virtual TimeClock allows them to accurately keep track of the time employees first start and end their work day, plus provides the flexibility of allowing lunch breaks to be easily inserted at the end of the day when the employee clocks out.

It's our understanding that all employees get a base hourly wage which includes hours worked and travel time, plus any production bonuses based on house size and tips. These total wages then get divided by the total hours to get an hourly wage that's used to determine the overtime rate for hours over 40 for the week. It sounds complicated, but Virtual TimeClock will certainly help keep track of all those regular, overtime, travel, and lunch hours. You can start testing it out at your own Merry Maids cleaning franchise anytime with our free time clock software trial.

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