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July 2020 Minimum Wage Increases

June 18, 2020

Nevada, Oregon and Washington DC will all see scheduled minimum wage increases on July 1, 2020. These increases are all part of previously enacted state legislation to raise the minimum wage to a particular rate. Find out more about these three updates below.

Note: For information about the minimum wage in other US states, visit our free State Minimum Wage Laws resource page.

Nevada is raising the minimum wage by 75 cents, with annual increases planned through 2024. The new minimum wage will increase to:

  • $9/hr for employees who do not receive health benefits
  • $8/hr for employees with benefits.

Oregon is also raising its minimum hourly wage by 75 cents and will continue to make periodic wage adjustments through 2022. The new minimum wage will be $12 an hour.

Washington DC
The US capital is increasing minimum wage one dollar an hour, as the final major wage update in a 4 year rollout. Washington DC's new minimum pay rate will be:

  • $15/hr for non-tipped workers
  • $5/hr for tipped workers
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