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It’s A Girl!

June 15, 2009

The public face (and voice) of Redcort Software has been predominately, though unintentionally, masculine. Our newest addition to the family is changing all that in a delightful way.

On June 1 Jessie Wilson came to work for us with the mandate to focus exclusively on serving the needs of our customers. Jessie is a perfect fit in the customer care role. She's smart, spunky and takes genuine personal interest in people. She's super organized and pays attention to details. We're confident that she's going to take our extraordinary customer service to a new level.

When asked, Jessie introduces herself this way:

​Hi! I'm proud to be the new Customer Service Representative and the newest member to the Redcortfamily. Here’s a little glimpse into my world, outside of the office that is…

I spend time with the kids and families of Target Neighborhood, a ministry I’m involved in through my church. We’re partnered with an elementary school and have a Saturday Sports Program, Classroom Volunteers, Community Days and more. The volunteers and I have become like family so you will usually find me spending time with them.

I love music and playing my guitar now and then. I love painting and creating things with my hands. My nose can often be found stuck in a book while my hand is holding a cup of coffee. I can play a mean game of Catch Phrase when it's game time.

I look forward to serving my new Redcort family and our loyal customers. If you have a free minute feel free to send me a hello!

In these challenging economic times, it's easy to start thinking all businesses are struggling. In truth there are millions of healthy, growing businesses in the United States. We're thankful to be counted among them. Since healthy things grow, we're proud to welcome the arrival of a new member to the Redcort Software family!