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Is Paychex® a Good Payroll Solution?

April 10, 2015

One of the key questions to ask when looking for supporting services for your business such as payroll processing is, "How long has the company been around?" Paychex®2 was started in 1971 by B. Thomas Golisano with only $3,000. Golisano continued to build the company through franchises and partnerships, and then consolidated them all into one private company in 1979. Four years later, Paychex® went public and began trading on the NASDAQ. Recent data reports revenues of over $2.3 billion a year and assets over $6 billion.

Paychex® is the second largest payroll processor in the United States (the largest is ADP®1). The company now has more than 100 offices and 570,000 payroll customers. Along with payroll, Paychex® also provides human resource and benefit solutions for small to medium sized businesses. So there's no doubt that when it comes to payroll processing and other business services, Paychex® delivers.

Time clock payroll integration saves time and eliminates data entry errors. Virtual TimeClock completely integrates with Paychex Flex® (formerly Paychex Online®) and Paychex Preview®, their desktop software payroll solution.

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