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Insurance Office Time Clock

October 17, 2013

We get a lot of calls from State Farm and Farmers insurance agents looking for a way to keep track of time attendance for their support staff. We have several time clock deployment options that work well in an insurance office setting. If you have just a couple of employees and need simple time clock features, then the Basic Edition may be just what you need. Employees can clock in and out from a central computer and print timecards at the end of the payroll period with all of the regular hours and overtime already calculated for you. If you need more advanced features, then consider the Pro Edition which adds paid time off, activity tracking, messaging, and shift rules. If you'd like your staff to clock in and out from their own computer workstations, then the Network Edition fits the bill. Each edition of Virtual TimeClock is available as a free time clock software download for a generous evaluation period.

We're currently working with State Farm corporate to have Virtual TimeClock approved for download on State Farm supplied laptop computers.

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