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Industry Review: Tax Preparation

March 18, 2015

It’s getting close to April 15, but who’s counting? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 65,760 people who prepare your taxes just might be! Due to the intense but seasonal nature of tax preparation, it's expected that owners of tax preparation businesses need time clock software that's accurate, easy to use, and can adapt to a rapidly changing labor force. Virtual TimeClock fits the bill perfectly. With Virtual TimeClock, you'll be able to add new employees in seconds, set their hourly wage, manage their overtime, and approve their hours for payroll processing in minutes.

With Virtual TimeClock, you have the flexibility to deploy time clocks on individual workstations so each employee can conveniently clock in and out from their own computers, or if you're looking to save some of your own hard earned money this tax season, you can install the time clock software on a single computer and have each employee clock in and out with their unique PIN when they enter and exit the office. Either way, the administrative in/out board will allow you to monitor employee activities in real time, reducing the anxiety of managing employees and the frustration that sometimes comes with not knowing where they're at during the work day.

After employees move on, you can simply make their profile inactive. This will remove them from the current employee list but maintain all of their historical timecard data. If they come back next year, simply make them active again so they can start recording their time without missing a beat. While your labor force may come and go, Virtual TimeClock will handle the seasonal fluctuations seamlessly.

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