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Industry Review: Law Offices

August 22, 2015

The debate about whether billable hours is a good business model or not continues but one thing is for sure, the $257 billion legal industry is growing. Some analysts estimate growth of 10-12% in the next two years. Currently, more than (1) million people are employed at some capacity in the legal profession and the reported majority are lawyers. Whether you are a one-person law office or a partner in an international firm, every person only has 168 hours to offer in a given week. How those hours are spent is the question. 

Have you considered using a time clock to keep track of your hours and minutes spent on a client's behalf? With a few clicks of the mouse, Virtual TimeClock Pro allows you to stop billing time for one client and start billing time for another without leaving your desk. The time clock really shines when the billing cycle arrives and your client hours are automatically totaled and presented to you in a report. This example only scratches the surface of what the time clock can do.

Virtual TimeClock is available as a free trial. To see which time clock would fit your needs, check out our website

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