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Industry Review: Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

May 7, 2015

Are you looking to get a tree pruned or a weekly lawn trim? Perhaps you want to transform a flat, boring yard into an inviting oasis. The landscaping industry, estimated to generate $75 billion in annual revenue, employs approximately 1 million people in the United States and is comprised of nearly 500,000 businesses. However, with only a handful of large, national landscape companies, there's a large market share for small to medium-sized businesses to operate. The costs to enter this industry boil down to simple hard work and reliable lawn care equipment, but may eventually grow to involve engineers, subcontractors, and heavy machinery. Predictably, the landscaping industry has a growth rate similar to that of the housing construction market so paying close attention to overhead costs can help your landscaping business thrive.

One way to help keep costs manageable is to have an accurate and efficient way to track employee hours. That's easy for office personnel who have access to a computer workstation for clocking in and out, but what about those workers out in the field all day? That's where Virtual TimeClock can help. A popular deployment strategy is to have workers clock in from the equipment storage yard in the morning and when dropping off equipment at the end of the day, clock out and quickly insert a lunch break for the time they were offsite without access to a time clock computer. This allows you to get accurate and complete timecards at the end of the payroll period without guessing or needing to calculate hours by hand. It also becomes a great tool for totaling hours spent on different projects or customers.

Here are some of the best time clock software reviews from other businesses in the service industry.

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