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How To Control Overtime With Employee Time Clock Software

February 16, 2011

Running a business is no easy matter. It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources, no matter what size the business happens to be. To some extent, all businesses have to deal with employees, customer satisfaction, and expenses. Of these, businesses are always looking for easy ways to cut expenses. In a strong economy it is easy to overlook the small inefficiencies because the bottom line is healthy. In a weak economy, businesses need to look carefully at all of their processes and procedures to see where to trim the inefficiencies and make every dollar count. Some business costs are generally fixed, like rent. Others may fluctuate from month to month, like the utility bill. For many businesses, the greatest drain on company expenses is payroll. And the greatest drain on payroll is the working of unauthorized overtime. Employee time clock software is the perfect solution for eliminating unnecessary employee overtime.

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