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Employee Scheduling Software

September 9, 2011

There's a common question we often get asked by new Virtual TimeClock users: What other software do you guys make? The reason we get asked this question is because our time clock software users find Virtual TimeClock so easy to set up and use, they want to know what other business operations we can help them streamline. Business owners are always looking for ways to better manage employees, so we have a lot of business owners asking about employee scheduling software.

Employee scheduling is definitely on our development dashboard. In fact, the new shifts and schedules feature in Virtual TimeClock '11 laid the groundwork with its built-in clock in and out rules to control employee overtime. Different shifts can be assigned for each employee for every day of the week. This works great if you have fixed weekly schedules. It's not currently designed for rotating employee schedules and is not a substitute for an employee scheduling program.

We're planning a true employee scheduling program that can be integrated directly with Virtual TimeClock. This means shift rules, a scheduling calendar, when to work email reminders, and employee load planning/balancing are just some of the features we're thinking about.

What else do you need an employee scheduling program to do? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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