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December 2019 Holidays

November 29, 2019

With Thanksgiving just behind us, the holidays are in full swing. While December only has one federal holiday, Christmas Day, many people are also curious about Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and New Years during this busy season.

Christmas and New Year's Day
This year, Christmas Day (December 25th) falls on a Wednesday, while New Year's Day (January 1st) will be on a Friday. Most banks, schools, state and federal offices will be closed for both holidays. Christmas and New Year's Day holidays are both federal holidays in the U.S. and are not mandatory for private sector business. However, many companies voluntarily elect to follow the holiday pattern of the federal government. Certain union contracts or labor agreements may impact private sector business obligations for these holidays.

Christmas Eve and New Years Eve are not federal or business holidays, so they will be recognized differently from company to company. Some businesses may give employees the day off as a paid holiday, but this will vary widely. Check with your employer about how these days will be handled at your business.

Boxer Day in Canada
Thursday, December 26th is Boxing Day for our friends in Canada, Great Britain and other Commonwealth nations. This holiday has a rich history dating back to medieval Britain when servants would receive a gift and day off. Though it is not a statutory holiday and offered as paid to everyone, it is common throughout the Commonwealth nations.

Redcort Software
Redcort Software will be closed on December 25th for Christmas Day. At the beginning of the new year, we will be closed for New Year's Day on January 1st.

For information on other upcoming federal and business holidays, see our Federal and Business holiday calendars.

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