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Confessions of a New Employee

October 27, 2009

What Virtual TimeClock and working for Redcort Software has taught me:

Computers aren’t that scary - Especially when you’ve got great people to support you.

Coming to work for a software company, I had created a list in my mind for who I was expected to be. Right at the top was a need to be fully computer literate – which I was not. I knew my way around a computer in the general sense, I could write papers and search the web and create a ‘facebook’ account (ha), but nothing to the point that I felt up to par with people who work at software companies!

Oh, and working on a Mac – forget about it!

So how am I doing now? To my surprise and delight, Great! Turns out I’m exactly the kind of person you want when you call a software company. I completely relate to your situation and now I have the knowledge to help you out.. and luckily our time clock software is created for people like you and me!

Oh, and Macs... they’re Awesome!!

--MaggieJoy :’D

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