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CheckMark® Payroll Integration

July 3, 2015

Alongside the computer technology boom that began in the 1980s, a company called CheckMark®1 emerged. Shortly after its start in 1984, one of CheckMark® earliest products was accounting software for the Mac computer called General Ledger. Almost 10 years later, a comparable product was developed for the Windows platform. CheckMark® has continued to build on their accounting roots with their cross platform MultiLedger software and have expanded into payroll software for both the U.S. and Canada, online human resources support, and full service payroll processing.

CheckMark® has always stayed true to its original focus, providing affordable desktop software geared for the small business owner without sacrificing features. Virtual TimeClock supports an easy-to-use interface that exports a specially formatted time clock file for CheckMark® that makes your payroll process easier, more accurate, and less time consuming. Check out our Virtual TimeClock CheckMark® Payroll integration guide to get started.

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