Virtual TimeClock Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock 19

The latest time clock software release from Redcort Software.

Virtual TimeClock 19 has been completely rebuilt as a native 64-bit application while remaining a familiar time clock for users. This massive technology upgrade ensures that Virtual TimeClock will continue to run on new systems from Apple and Microsoft that require 64-bit applications.

New and enhanced features in Virtual TimeClock 19 include:
  • New 64-bit architecture optimizes memory, system resources, and supports the latest MacOS and Windows computers. 
  • HiDPI support for Windows provides razor-sharp, high-resolution icons and text.
  • Dark Mode support for MacOS offers a modern new look to your time clock.
  • New Kiosk Mode improves control and security of centralized time clock stations.
  • New date, time, & calendar controls make timecard management easier than ever.
  • Updated Timecard approval dashboard simplifies signoff and approval for payroll.
  • Network communications updated to TLS 1.2 for enhanced data security and privacy.

Detailed Release Notes

19 Release 1   (June 24, 2019)
Basic, Pro & Network Edition
  • NEW - MacOS editions rebuilt as a native 64-bit application that runs optimized on the latest Apple OS release.
  • NEW - MacOS Dark Mode support for all Virtual TimeClock editions.
  • NEW - Windows editions rebuilt with 32-bit and 64-bit native applications. The installer automatically selects the proper version for the current OS.
  • NEW - Windows HiDPI support adds razor sharp text and icons for a dramatically improved timeclock experience.
  • NEW - Windows Installer provides options for launching Virtual TimeClock on login and desktop shortcuts for all users.
  • ENHANCED - Automatic software updates now include version upgrades, discounts and maintenance enrollment.
  • ENHANCED - All new date, time and calendar controls save time and reduce keyboard entry errors.
  • ENHANCED - Updated Kiosk Mode replaces Full Screen mode with enhanced time clock security.
  • ENHANCED - Error control and checking to prevent time clock punch errors.
  • ENHANCED - Updated thread management improves performance on very large reports.
  • FIX - The In & Out Board 'In' column once again sorts users by their current status.
Pro & Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:
  • NEW - Export files in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format now save with the .csv extension and open directly in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.
  • ENHANCED - The timecard approval dashboard is rebuilt with a more intuitive interface and helpful prompts.
  • ENHANCED - Shift rules can now be set to prevent starting or stopping 1 minute early or late.
  • ENHANCED - Report formatting and printing of messages, logs, and user notes. 
  • ENHANCED - Exporting data without selecting any fields now displays an error instead of generating a blank export.
  • FIX - Unread message badges now display properly on macOS Mojave.
  • FIX - Display Group configuration no longer has errors after an Activity selection is cancelled.
  • FIX - Exporting data that includes numbers greater than 1000 now exports properly.
  • FIX - The Automatic Time Deductions and Additions configuration fields are now properly disabled when no rules exist.
  • FIX - Reports printed after an Accrued & Used Leave Report no longer default to a landscape print orientation. 
  • FIX - Cancelling a User import no longer causes an error if the User list is empty. 
  • FIX - Missed Clock Out is enforced in User Status when a user has failed to return from a break of lunch.
Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:
  • ENHANCED - Updated and simplified the Settings configuration panel in the TimeClock Server Manager.
  • ENHANCED - TLS (Transport Layer Security) updated to 1.2 for enhanced security on network communications.
  • FIX - Group login password errors no longer require the user to roll back and reconnect to the TimeClock Server. 
  • FIX - Server Manager Licenses panel no longer reports 0 clients used when registered as a Site License.
  • FIX - User clients now resize the In & Out board properly when switching the display option from one to two lists.