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Command Line Tool is Not Available Message

We occasionally hear from Virtual TimeClock 18 users who are receiving an error message when their computer checks for software updates. In this article we'll explain what causes the error message and how to fix it.

Required Command Line Tool is Not Available
Virtual TimeClock 18.1 through 18.2.1 releases have all used specific command line tools to execute software updates. Whenever the software automatically checks for new updates, it also checks to see if the required tools are installed and available on your computer. The command line tools used by Virtual TimeClock are common and usually pre-installed on your computer. However, if these command line tools are not installed on the computer, you will receive the following error message:
Required Command Line Error
This error message can be frustrating because it will be displayed whenever the software checks for software updates, which can occur at seemingly random times.

Turning Off Automatic Updates
In our next software update to Virtual TimeClock, command line tools will not be necessary to run updates, so the above error will never happen. Until the next maintenace release, the fix is to disable automatic update checking: go to Edit > Preferences and disable the update option at the bottom of the window. Once the next maintenance release is out, you can update your client(s) and that command line tools issue will be resolved.