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2018 Business & Federal Holidays

January 1, 2018

Happy 2018! As we jump into the new year, January is the perfect time to update your company calendar with 2018 federal holidays. Many holidays, like Thanksgiving, are easy to remember and plan for, but several of our federal holidays have dates that change from year to year, so it's important to revisit your calendar and plan for these. Below are several of these dates that we want to make you aware of for 2018:

  • July 4 - American Independence Day. This year the Fourth of July falls on a Wednesday, which may mean that employees will be using vacation time for extended celebrations.


  • November 11 - Veterans Day. This holiday falls on a Sunday this year, so it will be observed as a holiday on Monday, November 12th. While Veterans Day is not observed by most businesses, banks and most government offices will be closed. 


  • December 25 - Christmas Day. This year Christmas falls on a Tuesday, which can be a challenge for employers, so be sure to think ahead to how your company will handle Christmas Day being midweek. 

For details on other holidays, we've published Federal Holidays and US Business Holidays calendars for 2018.

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