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RFID and Barcode Readers

Advances in technology bring benefits to many businesses. These benefits often result in an increase in efficiency, accuracy, and accountability. In recent years, radio frequency identification (RFID) has gained popularity as a useful tool for the rapid identification and processing of a wide variety of items. RFID technology can be found in use at gas pumps, hotels, inventory management systems, employee identification cards, vehicle tollways, and even pets. RFID isn’t alone. Barcodes and encoded magnetic stripes predate RFID and their use is still the norm in many industries today because of their simplicity, low cost, and processing speed. Does your business currently use one of these technologies? If you've thought about incorporating them into your employee time and attendance system, Virtual TimeClock is a great solution. Here's why.

Virtual TimeClock allows employees to punch in and out via several different interfaces, like selecting their name from an in & out list, using a numeric PIN, or an alphanumeric passcode. The PIN and passcode interfaces can increase clock in speed and accuracy with minimal user interaction, especially when paired with an RFID or barcode reader. By combining the best time clock software with equipment you already own, you get a state of the art time tracking system with very little initial investment.