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Automatic Time Deductions & Additions

We occasionally receive calls from customers asking how to handle unpaid lunches for employees that come into the office in the morning, clock in, and then leave the office for the day. The employees don’t clock out for lunch or use the time clock again until they return at the end of the day to clock out. Perhaps you have the opposite problem. Your employees arrive for work but their physical location or daily duties don’t allow them to get to the time clock when they start work and so you want to add a standard block of time for the employees each day. For example, they may need to put on special gear or safety equipment before they can make it to the time clock to punch in for their shift, but you still need to pay them for that time.

Both scenarios can be solved using the Auto Time Deduction feature in Virtual TimeClock. The first scenario results in an actual deduction of time, the second scenario is accomplished through a negative deduction of time resulting in an addition. Deductions will show in the "Unpaid" hours column on employee timecards, negative deductions will be added to the other hours worked in the "Regular" hours column.

To add a new time deduction rule:
  1. From the Configure menu, choose Auto Time Deductions
  2. Click the Add button beneath the list of time deduction rules and enter a unique time deduction rule name. 
  3. In the Deduction Rule section, enter the deduction amount in minutes and the amount of time in hours an employee must work before a time deduction is made. 
  4. In the Assigned Users section, click Edit and select the users for whom you want this rule to apply and click Save Changes.

The automatic addition of time is set up the same way, except the deduction amount is actually a negative amount of minutes (remember your old math lessons about how two negatives make a positive?).