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Payroll Approval

Do you know the fastest way to prepare employee hours for payroll processing? New Virtual TimeClock users (and sometimes those who have been using the time clock software for awhile) are often unsure what to do when the pay cycle is over, so we've made it super simple. The new Payroll Approval feature in Virtual TimeClock 15 will guide you through all the steps necessary to close out the payroll period and start a new payroll schedule.

Payroll Approval Overview
Payroll approval is what you do when you're ready to process payroll. This usually involves reviewing timecards, generating a payroll report, exporting the hours to a payroll program, and closing the payroll period.

Step 1: Review & Approve Timecards
Click Payroll Approval from the administration toolbar to open the Payroll Approval dashboard. All regular, overtime, and paid leave hours for the current payroll period will be automatically calculated and displayed. You can view timecards to see the hours worked for each employee in more detail, edit punch times, or send an employee a quick message. If electronic timecard approval is enabled for workers or managers, you'll see a green checkmark in the appropriate column once an approval has been recorded for the timecard.

Step 2: Sign Off Timecards & Print Payroll Report
Sign off indicates that the timecard is finished with edits and is ready for payroll processing. You can sign off timecards individually by clicking each worker name, or sign off all timecards in the group at once. The Payroll Summary report provides a permanent record of all worker hours for the payroll period and will provide all the information you need for entering employee hours into your payroll system or calling in to your payroll processor.

Step 3: Export Payroll
You may be able to import employee hours directly into your payroll program. Time Clock payroll integration requires a one-time setup. Go to Configure Payroll Settings to see if your payroll processor participates. Follow the integration guides available from Time Clock Payroll Integration for help with setting up payroll integration. If you're not using the payroll export feature, then skip to Step 4.

Step 4: Close Payroll Period
Once all hours for a payroll period have been signed off and payroll processed, the payroll period should be closed. This will automatically advance the current period starting and ending dates to the next payroll cycle based on your payroll settings. Hours for all workers must be signed off before closing the payroll period so make sure you've checked all of the display groups if you're unable to close the period.

More details about Payroll Approval, including hints and all of the steps needed to close out the payroll period, can be found in our Payroll Approval Guide.