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2014 Year In Review

December 24, 2014

2014 was another year of growth here at Redcort Software. We added additional staff on the operations side of the business to continually provide the exceptional customer experience you've come to expect from the industry leader in time and attendance software. We also had another highly rated time clock software review in Macworld. Our Virtual TimeClock 14 release started the year off by introducing a modern, simplified user interface. We added a new full screen mode for the In/Out Board, PIN, and Passcode interfaces to make Virtual TimeClock especially powerful on touchscreen computers. We added new icons and font sizing options to make the time clock easier to use. We also standardized on the use of Network Time Protocol (NTP), which provides the timestamp from hundreds of qualified Internet time servers when your time clock is configured to use an Internet time server. Our second release of the year included some new preferences to control how the User Status window behaves after employees punch in and out, once again supported one-step creation of overnight entries, the ability to add lunch breaks at the same time as creating manual timecard entries, and full compatibility with Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

As we head into 2015, engineering continues to work hard on a mobile time clock solution for smart phones, tablets, and web browsers. The release of Virtual TimeClock 15 is right around the corner with a number of security enhancements. Network Edition users will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure network connections. All users will benefit from new security features like minimum password length, case sensitivity, strong password support, and encrypted databases.

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