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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

February is a great time to explore ways that Virtual TimeClock might help you manage your labor costs this year. We've added Knowledge Base articles that explain how the Activities features make it easy to categorize employee hours for your business. Don't miss the recent article on how to properly remove users who are no longer using your TimeClock.


Ways to Use Activity Tracking

Virtual TimeClock can do much more than provide you with accurate employee timecards. Here are some creative ways to use Activity tracking to manage labor costs for tasks, projects, business locations or entities.


Overview of Activity Tracking

This brief overview will help you understand how Virtual TimeClock's Activities features work together. You'll learn how to create, assign, and manage your labor costing categories.


How to Create Activities

The first step to begin activity tracking is to create and setup your activities. Once created, users select an activity when they start work and as they change task or location throughout their shift.


Activity Reporting

This article shows you how to use and customize Virtual TimeClock's built-in Activity reports. You can also easily view and total employee activities on their regular timecards.


Deleting & Inactivating Users

How do you remove a TimeClock user that no longer works for you? Don't delete them! Making a user inactive removes them from your TimeClock while preserving their time and attendance history.


Learn More About Us

Have you ever been curious about the company behind your employee time clock software? We recently published a short blog post about Redcort Software just for you!