Reporting Activities

Reporting Activities

​Virtual TimeClock has built-in Activity Detail and Activity Summary reports that display activity hours for any selected period of time. These reports are available in the Reports menu when administration is turned on. These built-in reports can be easily modified, duplicated, and new reports created from scratch according to your reporting needs. Explore and customize by selecting Report Writer from the Configure menu.

Before you can view activity hours on reports, you must first create your activities, then assign them to user groups, and next record time using your activities.

Activity Detail & Activity Summary Reports

To run one of the built-in Activity Reports:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Activity Detail or Activity Summary from the Reports menu. The details report shows every entry for all activities while the summary report just shows totals for each activity. By default, both reports run using the current payroll period and includes all activities.
Below is an example of the Activity Detail Report:
Virtual TimeClock Configure Activities
  1. To change the date range of the report, click the People & Dates icon in the top left corner of the report.
  2. To change the users or activities included on the report, select the Report Settings icon. Click Selection & Sort to choose users the activities and/or users included in the report.
Note: To modify or create a new report, select the report in the Report Writer window and click the Add button. Click Duplicate Selected Report from the popup menu.

Including Activities on Other Reports
While the Activity reports track hours by activity, you may also want to view activities performed for a particular worker (or workers). Activities are automatically included on worker Timecard Detail reports.

Virtual TimeClock Configure Activities

Activities can be enhanced on worker detail reports in two ways:

Activity Column : This display option shows activities in a separate column on reports for easy viewing.

Activity Summary : This option presents a total of worker hours by activity at the bottom of the timecard report
Note: The Summary Totals option is not the same as the Activity Summary Report. This report setting totals activity hours for the particular worker while the Activity Summary Report shows all hours for all employees for the activity.

To access these activity settings:

  1. Select the File menu and click Turn Administration On.
  2. Select Report Writer from the Configure menu.
  3. Select a report in the list on the left.
    • Activities Column - Click Report Options and check Activities in the Include column section.
    • Activity Summary - Click Report Options and check Activities in the Summary Totals section.
Note: If the option is disabled, it is not available. It is only available on detail reports sorted by worker.
Below is an example of the Timecard Detail Report with the Activity Column and Activity Summary enabled:
Virtual TimeClock Configure Activities

Selecting Activities for a Report
Activity Reports can be customized to include one or a selected group of activities. To change which activities are included on reports follow these steps:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Report Writer from the Configure menu.
  3. Choose a report in the left column, such as the Activity Detail or Activity Summary.
  4. Click Selection & Sort.
  5. In the Entries popup menu click Selected Activities. Click to check/uncheck the activities to be included.
  6. Save changes and click the Preview Report icon to view the report.

Reporting Premium Pay Activities
Premium pay activities can be created, but wages and rates cannot be modified by activity in Virtual TimeClock. Premium pay hours can be tracked in Virtual TimeClock, but they need be reported to your payroll provider because your TimeClock tracks hours, not the actual difference in pay. You can create premium pay activities for things such as paid holidays by creating a unique activity.

  1. Create an activity where employees are paid a premium the for a holiday, for example "Memorial Day."
  2. Set the status of the activity to TimeClock & Manual Entries during the holiday period.
  3. Instruct workers on the holiday to clock in selecting the premium pay activity ('Memorial Day').

Make sure the Activity Summary option is enabled (see above). Any worker timecards with hours worked on the holiday will be totaled separately in the Activity Summary at the bottom of each worker's timecard.

Note: Virtual TimeClock tracks premium time but not the difference in premium pay. These premium pay rates are set up within your payroll program. Virtual TimeClock totals premium pay hours, but you need to enter the hours into your payroll program in order for your users to get premium pay for the hours.

Exporting Activity Reports
You can also export activity hours for enhanced data analysis and/or job costing. To export activity report data:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Click the Export icon on the administrative toolbar in the In/Out Board window.
  3. Choose an activity report to export
  4. Click Setup to choose specific activities and fields to export and click Save.
  5. Choose the date range for the export file.
  6. Click Export and choose the location to save the file.
  7. Open the exported file in the spreadsheet (Excel, Numbers, etc) or other data analysis program.
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