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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Employee vacations, temporary workers, and summer interns can all contribute to unplanned overtime expenses during the summer months. Whether you're new to Virtual TimeClock or a seasoned veteran, our new Knowledge Base articles can help you better manage and control your employee overtime and premium pay.


Getting Started with Overtime

Overtime compliance can be daunting when the rules are complex or workweeks cross payroll periods. Virtual TimeClock's powerful overtime features make it easy to track and report overtime.


Creating Overtime Rules

Virtual TimeClock has simple overtime rules already created for you. This article shows you how to modify or create new overtime rules to ensure you fulfill all of your overtime obligations.


Assigning Rules to Users

When you add a new or temporary worker, make sure they are properly paid for their overtime hours. This article shows you how to assign an overtime rule to individuals or groups of employees.


Calculating & Reporting Overtime

This article gives you some simple rules to understand how your payroll period impacts when employee overtime hours are calculated and displayed on your timecards and reports.


Controlling Overtime With Shifts

Virtual TimeClock's shift rules allow you to proactively control time clock use and prevent unwanted overtime hours that occur due to clocking in early, incomplete lunch breaks, or working late.


State Overtime Laws

It’s important to periodically review the state overtime laws for your employees. We have a handy reference showing overtime laws for each state as well as links to relevant government sites.