Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

We're excited to let you know that a brand new Virtual TimeClock release is available for download! Virtual TimeClock 18 is a free upgrade because of your enrollment in our Maintenance & Support program. This edition of Tips & Tricks will help you get the most out of this great new release.


What's New in Virtual TimeClock 18

If you have not yet upgraded your software, check out the release notes and our 'What's New' video to find out more about Virtual TimeClock 18.


Set A Maximum Leave Award

To help you stay compliant with current labor laws, Virtual TimeClock 18 now gives you the ability to limit how many leave hours employees can accrue based on their hours worked.


Enhanced Right Click Functionality

Users can now access important time clock functions, like viewing their timecards, by simply right clicking on their name from the In & Out Board.


Automatic Software Updates

Version 18 introduces automatic software updates so you'll be notified whenever there's an update or an upgrade available for your software.


Clear User Passwords

This practical feature allows administrators to easily clear a user's forgotten password, allowing the user to create a new password the next time they use the time clock.


How to Upgrade

Upgrading to Virtual TimeClock 18 is quick and easy when you know where to go and have the right instructions.