Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Based on the high volume of calls and emails, February must be a great month to get up to date with your TimeClock software. This month we've published an article that recaps our 2015 releases as well as the latest tips, tricks and support information to help you effectively use your Virtual TimeClock software.


Virtual TimeClock 15 Recap

We know that reading through a year of release notes can be tedious. To help you out, we've compiled a quick summary of what was new and improved in Virtual TimeClock in 2015.


What does 'Unauthorized' mean?

We've had a number of reports of users getting an 'Unauthorized' error when they launch their TimeClock client. This is a result of a new security feature in Virtual TimeClock 15. This article explains why it happens and how to easily resolve the 'Unauthorized' error.


TimeClock Clients Can't Connect?

Recent Windows updates from Microsoft have reset the Windows firewall settings. After these updates, your Virtual TimeClock Clients suddenly cannot find your TimeClock Server. In this article we'll show you how to get back to business in no time.


Payroll Integration Options

Our Virtual TimeClock Payroll Integration page lists all of the payroll providers we support along with handy integration guides that will save you time and eliminate entry errors every time you run payroll.


Daylight Saving Time 2016

Your TimeClock will 'spring forward' for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, March 13th. We've put together a short article on the time change and considerations for employees that work weekend overnight shifts.