Virtual TimeClock & Windows Tablets

Virtual TimeClock & Windows Tablets

Virtual TimeClock for Windows & Mac
Virtual TimeClock runs natively on Windows PCs and macOS computers. You can use Virtual TimeClock on any combination of PCs and Macs when you're using the multi-user Network Edition. 

Virtual TimeClock & Windows Tablets
Virtual TimeClock has also been optimized to run on the latest generation of low priced Windows tablets. Using Virtual TimeClock on a Windows tablet is a great option if your employee time clock requirements are constrained by space, budget, or if you need an easily mobile time clock.

Virtual TimeClock PIN Tablet
You can install Virtual TimeClock Basic, Pro, Pro Client, or User Client on any modern tablet that is running Windows 10. Please note that Virtual TImeClock is currently not compatible with your iPad, Android tablets or older tablets running the Window 8 RT operating system. See the Virtual TimeClock System Requirements for details. 

Optimized for Tablets
Virtual TimeClock's full screen mode can transform your tablet into a dedicated employee time clock. The PIN interface option ensures a super easy-to-use time clock experience for tablet touch screen users. Using an optional keyboard with your tablet allows you to use Virtual TimeClock exactly as you would on a Mac computer or Windows PC. 

Tablets Save Space
Many companies deploy Virtual TimeClock on a tablet due to limited space. A tablet can be mounted on the wall of a small break room or employee entrance where a larger computer might not be practical. Installing Virtual TimeClock on tablets mounted on or near machinery makes it easy to track labor time for particular equipment. 

Tablets Are Economical
Running Virtual TimeClock on a tablet is an economical alternative to a laptop, desktop computer, or dedicated time clock hardware. A quick web search will show you online and local sources where you can purchase a Windows 10 tablet from a multitude of manufactures including ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, DigiLand, Ematic, Insignia, Acer, and Samsung. 

Don't buy a high end Windows 10 tablet if it will be used exclusively for Virtual TimeClock! You can purchase a Windows 10 tablet that will work fine with Virtual TimeClock for $150-250. We have seen clearance and end-of-model sales on perfectly usable Windows 10 tablets for under $100. A key factor on low priced Windows 10 tablets is screen quality and screen size. Be sure to read online reviews or check out tablet options in person at your local big box technology store.
Tablets Can Be Mobile
Tablet computers can be easily transported, accessed and used in a wide variety of settings. Using Virtual TimeClock on an inexpensive tablet can be a great solution if you have employees that work outside, offsite, in a variety of locations at a facility, or if they rotate locations throughout their workweek.

Virtual TimeClock Pro or Basic running on a tablet gives you a mobile, easily transportable, battery powered employee time clock that can go almost anywhere. Virtual TimeClock Basic and Pro do not require an Internet or network connection to use the software. 

Virtual TimeClock Network Edition does require a network connection in order to communicate with your Virtual TimeClock Server. You can use Virtual TimeClock on your tablets and computers at locations remote to your TimeClock Server computer by setting up Virtual TimeClock for remote connectivity.