Adding Users

Adding Users

This article explains how to add new time clock users. New users can be created manually or by using the import tool to add multiple users.

Manually Adding A New User

Follow these steps to enter a new employee:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Users from the Configure program menu. 
  3. Click Add in the lower left and select New User.
  4. Enter at least the first and last name of the user then click Save & Close or Save & Next to add more users.
Note: If an employee is no longer with your company, instead of deleting them, we recommend changing their status to Inactive. Click to learn more about inactivating users in Virtual TimeClock. 
Virtual TimeClock Add New Employees
Importing New Users
You can import workers by exporting a file from Quickbooks®1 or creating a text file in a comma separated value (.CSV) format.
Virtual TimeClock Import Users

To import new users:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu and then select Users from the Configure menu. 
  2. Click Add in the lower left and select Import Users.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to pick a file type and choose display groups to assign users to.
  4. Click Import to choose the file and select Open.
  5. After the file is read by Virtual TimeClock, choose the users to add and select Import.
Note: When importing users, the system may detect that a user is already entered. You have the option of creating a new user, skipping the record, or merging with an existing user. Follow the onscreen instructions to resolve the conflict before the remaining users can be imported. 

Once new users are added, assign them to Display Groups by selecting Edit in the Display Group Member window. Once users are assigned to the appropriate display group, they can begin using the time clock. Learn more about User Permissions >

Tip: After adding a new user, don't forget to assign them to your overtime rules and apply the appropriate leave awards, if applicable.

1. QuickBooks is a trademark of Intuit, Inc. Redcort Software is not affiliated with Intuit, Inc. in any way.