Shift Rules: Clocking Out

Shift Rules: Clocking Out

This article explains each of the shift rules related to clocking out. Virtual TimeClock shift rules allow you to control time clock usage in ways that help you comply with labor laws and control unwanted overtime.

Note: Shifts and shift rules are not available in the Virtual TimeClock Basic Edition.

Open Shift Settings in Virtual TimeClock

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Shifts from the Configure program menu.
  3. Select a shift from the left column list.
  4. Select the Clock Out Rules tab​

Note: To learn how to create a shift, see creating shifts in Virtual TimeClock.

The following is a brief explanation of each clock out rule:

Prevent Early Stop of Shift
This rule prevents employees from clocking out too early from their shift. Employees will be unable to clock out until they are within the defined grace period in which they can clock out before their shift ends. If a user triggers this rule, they will see the following dialog:
Virtual TimeClock Prevent Early Stop
Prevent Late Stop
This rule limits employees from accumulating overtime without the knowledge of management. After the grace period from the end of the shift users will be required to seek out a manager to approve their late departure. If a user triggers this rule, they will see the following dialog: 
Virtual TimeClock Prevent Late Stop
Courtesy Late Stop
Similar to the Courtesy Early Start and Return, the Courtesy Late Stop requires a user to acknowledge they are clocking out after their shift ended and that the recorded end time will be the end of the shift. If a user triggers this rule, they will see the following dialog:
Virtual TimeClock Courtesy Late Stop
Auto Clock Out After Shift End
If users are away from the time clock at the end of their shift, implement this rule to automatically clock users out after a predefined number of minutes following the end of the shift. The time clock will record the shift end time. A setting of 0 minutes will clock users out at the shift stop time.
Employees auto clocked out at shift end time

Note: If this rule is enabled and the Courtesy late stop is set to 10 minutes, for example, the time clock will auto clock out users that are still clocked in 10 minutes after a shift is over. When users are automatically clocked out the recorded end time will be the end of the shift. For example, a user can punch out at and record 5:05, but if they are auto clocked out at 5:11 the out time on their timecard will be the shift end time of 5:00.