Timecard Approval for Payroll

Timecard Approval for Payroll

At the conclusion of each payroll period, the process of preparing for payroll includes reviewing timecards, generating a payroll report, optionally exporting hours to a payroll program, and finally closing the payroll period. The Payroll Approval dashboard in Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network edition integrates and simplifies this process for you.

To begin the timecard approval process, Turn Administration On in the File menu and click Payroll Approval in the administration toolbar on the In & Out Board window:
Step 1: Review & Approve Timecards
The Payroll Approval dashboard will automatically calculate all regular, overtime, and paid leave hours for the current payroll period. Click Timecards to quickly review the hours worked for each employee in more detail, including the individual punch times. You can quickly add missed punch times or make corrections. If electronic timecard approval is enabled for managers, they can approve all timecards in groups they manage at once by clicking Approval or individually by clicking each worker name.
  • Electronic timecard approval by employees is not required to process or sign off timecards.
  • Electronic timecard approval can be enabled by selecting Payroll Settings from the Configure menu. 
  • In order for employees to approve their timecard, the default timecard report assigned in the Reports tab of the Display Groups window must be a timecard detail report. 
Virtual TimeClock Review Timecards

Step 2: Sign Off Timecards & Print Payroll Report
Sign off indicates that the timecard is finished with edits and is ready for payroll processing. Administrators can sign off timecards for all users by clicking Sign Off or individually by clicking each worker name.

The Payroll Summary report provides a permanent record of all worker hours for the payroll period grouped by hourly workers, salaried workers, workers with no hours for the payroll period, and workers with timecards that have not been signed off.
  • Hours can still be signed off without first being approved.
  • Sign Offs and User Approvals are automatically removed if any of the timecard entries are edited, deleted, or new entries added.
Virtual TimeClock Sign Off Timecards

Step 3: Export Payroll
Optionally export a specially formatted file of employee hours that can be imported into several popular payroll programs. If you’re not set up for payroll integration, you can still print the Payroll Report for a listing of employee hours for entering into your payroll system or calling in to your payroll processor. Payroll integration requires a one-time setup. See the Virtual TimeClock Payroll Integration Overview for help with the one time setup for your payroll system. If you're not using the payroll export feature, then skip to Step 4.

Step 4: Close Payroll Period
Once all hours for a payroll period have been reviewed, the Payroll Summary report printed, and employee hours exported, the payroll period should be closed. See the Closing Payroll Periods Overview for information on the vital importance of closing payroll periods.
  • Hours for all workers in all groups must be signed off before closing the payroll period.
  • You can view timecards and payroll reports for prior periods by clicking the calendar icon. Only current periods can be closed.
Virtual TimeClock Close Payroll