Printing & Signing Timecards

Printing & Signing Timecards

One of the common steps in the payroll process for many business is to have employees approve their hours by printing and signing their timecards. This brief article will explain how to enable and customize the employee signature line and how to print employee timecards to be signed and submitted. Want to go paperless? Review the Electronic Timecard Approval article.

Note: Basic Edition does not include a customizable signature line, but users and administrators can still print and sign timecards. See the Printing Employee Timecards section of this article.

Enabling & Customizing the Employee Signature Text
Before employees can print and sign their timecards, follow these steps to make sure the signature line is enabled on your timecard report.

  1. Select Turn Administration On in the File menu.
  2. Choose Report Writer from the Configure menu and select your employee timecard report (i.e. Timecard Detail).
  3. Click the Report Options button.
  4. Check the box for Worker Signature. To add a signature line for supervisors to sign off, check Supervisor Signature.
The default timecard signature line

To edit the default employee signature text:

  1. ​Click Signature Text in the Report Options window.
Edit the timecard report signature line
  1. After editing the signature text, click OK.
  2. Click Save in the Report Options window

Printing Employee Timecards
Employees can print and sign their own timecard by clicking Print on their timecard and signing the signature line, affirming their hours are correct. See the Viewing Timecards article for detailed instructions on printing.

Printing Timecards in Virtual TimeClock

Managers can print multiple employee timecards at a time by enabling administration mode, choosing My Reports and then selecting the appropriate timecard report. Choose Print to print all timecards in the list.

Tip: If employees get confused by the default decimal hour format on timecards, you can change the totals format to hours & minutes by reviewing this article.

For more information about the payroll approval in Virtual TimeClock, see the Overview of Payroll Approval article.