Payroll Approval Process - Pro & Network Editions

Payroll Approval Process - Pro & Network Editions

This article will help you understand the payroll approval process in Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network editions. The Payroll Approval feature is a dashboard that allows you to complete several tasks related to approving timecards and closing the payroll. If you are using the Basic Edition of Virtual TimeClock, review the Payroll Approval Process for Basic Edition article. 

Note: For more information about payroll periods in Virtual TimeClock, see the Overview of Payroll Periods article.

1. Review and Sign Off on Timecards

The first step in payroll approval is to review and sign off on employee timecards. 

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Choose All Users from the display group pop up menu. This will ensure employees from all display groups are included in payroll approval.
Virtual Group Selection
  1. Select Payroll Approval from the administrator toolbar.
  2. Review employee hours for accuracy.
Note: If you have enabled the optional Electronic Timecard Approval feature, verify employees have approved their timecards. Green checkmarks in the User column denote approved timecards. Checkmarks in the Manager column denote manager approval of employee timecards.
  1. To edit a timecard, select an employee, choose View Timecard and use the Entry Editor option to modify a punch.
  2. After reviewing timecards, select Sign Off All from the Sign Off menu.
Signing Off on Timecards

2. Print Payroll Report and Export Payroll Data (Optional)
Once you have signed off on hours, you can choose to print a payroll report or export a payroll integration file. Learn more about payroll integration.

3. Close the Payroll Period
The final step in the payroll approval process is closing the period. Closing the payroll period means that the hours and pay data for the current period are written to the database as a permanent record. To close the period, click the Close Period button at the bottom of the Payroll Approval window.
Closing the Payroll Period
Note: Once a payroll period is closed, the hours in that period cannot be edited. To make changes to a timecard in a closed period, review the Reopening Payroll Periods article.

After you close the payroll period, Virtual TimeClock will automatically advance the reporting dates to your next payroll period.

Closing Multiple Periods
If you’ve neglected closing periods, it’s easy to close multiple periods all at once. Simply correct your current payroll period and Virtual TimeClock will automatically total and close every period up to the new period start date. Follow the steps in our Configuring Payroll Settings article.