Overview of Payroll Approval

Overview of Payroll Approval

Payroll approval in Virtual TimeClock is an important, but often overlooked, administrative feature. Handling payroll periods in Virtual TimeClock follows several simple steps: configure your payroll period, review timecards at the end of the period, and close the payroll period. Pro and Network edition users can also take advantage of Electronic Timecard Approval and Payroll Integration features.


Configuring Your Payroll Period
The payroll period in Virtual TimeClock is the date range that is used to total timecards for payroll. Since every company is unique, you will need to set the payroll period to match your business payroll system. To learn more about matching up your payroll period, review the Configuring your Payroll Period article.

Virtual TimeClock Payroll Settings

Printing & Signing Timecards
Many business require employees to print and sign their timecard to approve hours for payroll. Virtual TimeClock makes it easy to print timecards and provides flexible options for the timecard signature line. Find out more by reading the Printing & Signing Timecards article.

Electronic Timecard Approval
The electronic timecard approval system in Virtual TimeClock allows employees to approve their timecards for payroll without printing them. This is a great way to cut back on paper waste while expediting the payroll process for administrators. Review the Electronic Timecard Approval article for more information.

Note: Electronic timecard approval is only available for Pro and Network edition users.

​Payroll Approval
At the end of the payroll period, it's important to review employee timecards for accuracy, make any needed adjustments and close the period. Closing the payroll period means that the hours and pay data for the current period are written to the database as a permanent record. To find out more about the payroll approval process, choose your edition:

Reopening a Payroll Period
Virtual TimeClock makes it easy to reopen a closed payroll period. This will come in handy if you need to modify a timecard in a prior period or if the period was closed prematurely and you need to finish totaling timecards. Find out more about Reopening Payroll Periods.

Payroll Integration
Virtual TimeClock provides payroll integration for many popular payroll solutions including ADP, QuickBooks, AccountEdge, SurePayroll, Paychex and more. Find out more in the Payroll Integration article.

Note: The payroll integration feature is only available in Pro and Network editions.

Redcort Software Inc. is not affiliated with ADP, QuickBooks, AccountEdge, SurePayroll or Paychex.