Entering Leave Hours

Entering Leave Hours

Entering leave hours for your employees is easy with Virtual TimeClock. You can enter days off as they occur or enter them ahead of time. Leave entries will not be displayed on employee timecards until the payroll period in which they occur. Before you begin entering leave hours, you may want to review our articles on setting up leave categories and assigning employee leave awards. This article in particular will show how to add leave entries for users.

Leave entries can be entered for an individual user, a group of selected users, or all users at the same time. To add a leave entry:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Click the Add Leave icon from the administrative toolbar to open the Add Leave Entry window.
Note: Administrators can grant permission for Managers and Users to add leave entries in the Managers and Users tabs in the Configure Display Groups window.
  1. Select the employee(s) from the Users list on the left side of the window.

Note: Employees can use the internal TimeClock messaging system to send leave requests to managers and administrators for them to review and enter in the TimeClock.

Virtual TimeClock Add Leave Entry
  1. Enter the required leave details, including the desired type of leave, the leave start date, the number of hours of leave taken per day, and the number of days of leave to be taken. You can also assign the leave entry to a specific shift and add entry notes.
Note: The leave end date will be automatically calculated based on the number of days entered.
  1. Click the Create button to review entries.
  2. Click Save & Next to enter more leave entries, or Save & Close to finish.

After entering leave hours you can easily review your employees' leave information. Learn about reports for leave hours >