Verifying Scheduled Backups

Verifying Scheduled Backups

It is critical to test and periodically verify that scheduled backups are being performed as expected. If you're new to backing up Virtual TimeClock, see our Overview of Backups and Automatic Backups articles. 

To verify that your automatic scheduled backups are happening as expected:
1. Review Your Backup Schedule
Ensure that the frequency, number of backups, and the location of your scheduled backups is still valid.
Pro Edition
A.  Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
B.  Select Backup from the Configure menu.

Network Edition
A.  Launch the Virtual TimeClock Server Manager program.
B.  Select the Backup icon in the toolbar.
2. Review Your Backup Logs
Check your Backup Logs to verify there are successful backup entries and note any failures.
Pro Edition
A.  Select Logs from the Configure menu.
B.  Select the Backup Logs folder within the Logs window.

Network Edition
A.  Launch Virtual TimeClock Server Manager.
B.  Select the Logs toolbar button
C.  Select the Backup Logs folder within the Logs Window
  • Important: Backup log errors AND a lack up ‘Success’ entries indicate your backups are NOT working as expected. Review our Common Backup Mistakes article to determine the reason for the issues running scheduled backups. 
3. Verify Your Backup Files

Based on your backup location noted in step 1 above, navigate to the physical location of your .vtcbackup files. Based on your schedule, verify the number of backups, the frequency, and the date of each backup. Each backup has a datestamp that is part of the filename showing when the backup was performed.
  • Important: Check for both the presence of backup files and verify that they are recent!‚Äč