Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Things are in high gear at Redcort Software! Our Customer Care team continues to develop great new website content based on their daily interactions with our wonderful customers. We hope you can take a few minutes this month to learn something new about your time clock software.


Missed Clock Out Errors

In Virtual TimeClock 16, we drastically simplified the process of managing timecards when employees forget to clock out. We recently posted a new Knowledge Base article that explains how to use this powerful new feature.


Tracking Salary Workers

While time clocks are typically viewed as only useful for hourly employees, there are a number of ways your salaried employees can benefit from using Virtual TimeClock. Learn why your salaried workers may want to use Virtual TimeClock even when you're not tracking their hours for payroll.


Where is my TimeClock Data?

Users rarely think much about their time clock data until it's too late. Did you know that all your data is stored only on your computer? This means you could lose it all if you're not backing up! Learn more about your Virtual TimeClock data in this informative new blog post.


Understanding Workweeks

Did you know Virtual TimeClock allows you to start your workweek on any day of the week? Did you know that your workweek setting impacts weekly overtime independently of your payroll periods? We have a new article all about this important Virtual TimeClock setting.


Using Virtual TimeClock Remotely

Do you want to use Virtual TimeClock to do payroll at home or have an integrated time clock at another business location? We have a new article for non-technical users that explains the basics of Virtual TimeClock remote connectivity.