Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

We're hard at work on our first Virtual TimeClock release for 2016. We took a short break to share with you a sneak peek of several exciting new features coming in 16 Release 1 as well as the latest tips and tricks to help you better use and maintain your timeclock software.


Sneak Peek: Virtual TimeClock 16R1

Virtual TimeClock 16 Release 1 is on schedule to ship early this spring. Our first release for 2016 will focus on new timeclock rules that make time tracking more powerful and timecards even easier to manage.


Opening Ports On Your Firewall

We generated a lot of interest with last month's article about Windows updates clearing your firewall settings. This month we updated our guide for setting almost any computer's firewall to work with Virtual TimeClock.


Weekly Hours for ACA Compliance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to impact more and more businesses in 2016. Virtual TimeClock's report options can help you with compliance by providing an easy way to view weekly totals of employee hours.


Setting Up TimeClock Managers

Do you want to create a TimeClock manager to approve user timecards, edit entries or add leave? This article shows you how to easily setup managers with just the right amount of access for a designated group of users.


State Overtime Rules & Laws

The state-by-state overtime rules available on our web site were recently updated to reflect changes in 2016. It's a handy reference with links to the related government sites for additional information.