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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Summer is here, which means the kids are out of school and vacation requests are piling up. In this June edition of Tips & Tricks we'll cover everything you need to know about summer vacation tracking, news about our upcoming 64-bit release, tips for understanding decimal time format and more.


Tracking Employee Vacations

Looking for a convenient way to track employee vacation this summer? Whether you're a veteran to Virtual TimeClock or a new user, check out this article for more information about tracking vacation hours right in your time clock.


How many vacation days do I have?

One of the biggest benefits to leave tracking in Virtual TimeClock is that employees can check their own PTO balance whenever they want, saving you and your employees valuable time.


Setting Up PTO Mid-year

Did you know you can still get started with leave tracking in the middle of the year? This helpful guide explains several options for setting up PTO tracking any time during the year.


Coming soon: Virtual TimeClock 64-bit

Our next major release is a huge technology upgrade as we release brand new 64-bit applications ahead of a pivotal change coming to macOS. Find out more about Version 19 in this article.


What are decimal hours?

Ever get confused between decimal hours (7.50) and hours & minutes (7:30) on your timecard reports? Get all of your questions answered in this helpful Knowledge Base article.


Forgot to punch in after lunch?

Occasionally you may have an employee who forgets to clock in after lunch and then leaves for the day without returning to the time clock. This support blog explains two ways to fix a timecard with a missed lunch punch.