Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

This month is packed with information about our recent Virtual TimeClock 16 release. The articles will help you quickly get up-to-speed on the practical enhancements and powerful new features in version 16. Don't miss the first look at our upcoming Virtual TimeClock apps for smart phones and tablets!


Version 16 1.1 Update

We released a minor update for Virtual TimeClock 16 on June 2nd. The 16 R1.1 maintenance release fixes the time display on Windows clients and a reporting issue with unpaid leave hours.


What's New in Virtual TimeClock 16

If you have not upgraded your software, the release notes and video will quickly show you what's new in Virtual TimeClock 16.


Easier & Faster to Use

Lines can form at a group time clock. So we made punching in and out easier and up to 50% faster in Virtual TimeClock 16.


Missed Clock Out Controls

Virtual TimeClock 16 ends the confusion and timecard hassles that occur when employees forget to clock out.


New Lunch Rules

The new lunch rules in Virtual TimeClock 16 can eliminate unwanted overtime and monitor worker meal breaks for you.


Time-of-Day Shift Rules

Assigning rules based on the time-of-day in Virtual TimeClock 16 can end time-consuming employee schedule updates.


How to Upgrade

A brief review of the upgrade process and a link to an easy-to-follow Upgrade Guide for your Virtual TimeClock software.