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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Happy New Year from your friends at Redcort Software! January often begins with a look at the calendar to see what's coming in 2017. To help out, we've posted a couple of blogs on 2017 changes to labor laws. We've also just expanded our Knowledge Base with articles on how to setup Virtual TimeClock to track your employee vacation, holidays and leave in the new year.


Redcort Software 2016 in Review

The beginning of a year is a great time to reflect on some of the things we accomplished in 2016 and offer a bit of a sneak peek of what we're working on for the new year.


New Employee Laws in 2017

January 1 often marks the day that new laws go into effect. This article highlights a number of new labor laws, including state and city minimum wage and sick leave laws that become law in 2017.


Lunch Laws and Virtual TimeClock

Did you know Virtual TimeClock can help to maintain compliance with lunch laws? You can ensure employees take a full rest period and ensure lunches are taken on time with Virtual TimeClock's Lunch Rules feature.


Easily Track and Report Leave

Virtual TimeClock makes it easy to track paid and unpaid employee time off. In just a few steps you can set up Virtual TimeClock to track employee leave awards, accrual, and usage in 2017.


Managing Leave Carryover

Is January 1st the start of your employee benefit year? This short article will help you familiarize yourself with your options and the process of managing leave carryover with Virtual TimeClock.


Employee Performance Reviews

Thinking about employee performance reviews? We've posted a blog with a number of tips on how to use Virtual TimeClock to review some objectivity collected metrics with your employees.