Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Happy New Year from your friends at Redcort Software! January is a fine month to learn something new about your time clock software. We've gathered several recent articles that can help you use your timeclock more effectively or enhance communication between your staff and payroll department.


Timecards for Inactive Users

Every January we receive a lot of calls about running reports for former employees. We have a short article that shows you how to easily get the report you're looking for.


Customizing Your In & Out Board

Many companies use the In & Out Board for their time clock because it provides a clear, at-a-glance view of everyone's time clock status. Sometimes you'd like to limit the information that is shared on the In & Out Board. Fortunately, it's easy to customize your time clock for your business needs.


Switching to PIN Entry for Workers

Virtual TimeClock has several alternatives to the In & Out Board. The PIN interface option is super easy-to-use for non technical users and provides privacy of each worker's status. It's awesome in full screen mode on tablets and touch screen computers.


TimeClock on Windows Tablets

Virtual TimeClock runs great on the new generation of low cost Windows tablets. This is a perfect solution when budget, space, or mobility are important considerations. Buying a tablet compatible with Virtual TimeClock is easy if you follow one simple rule.


Virtual TimeClock Messaging

Virtual TimeClock's messaging feature offers a spam-free system that allows users and administrators to easily communicate with one another. It's a powerful tool to share information about missed punches, vacation requests, and even staff meetings.