Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

In this month's edition of Tips & Tricks, you'll find answers to several of our customers' most frequently asked questions: Why are my timecard dates wrong? Why can't I close my payroll period? How do I view timecards for old employees? And how can I track salaried workers in the time clock?


My Timecard Dates are Wrong

If you find yourself frequently changing the dates on your reports, that may be a symptom that you're not closing your payroll periods. This article shows you how to keep your report dates current by regularly closing your payroll period.


Help, I Can't Close My Payroll Period

In this recent support article, we help troubleshoot the top 3 reasons you might have difficulty closing your payroll period in Virtual TimeClock.


Timecards for Prior Employees

Occasionally you may need to view and print timecards for inactive employees. Follow these simple steps to get the reports you need.


Options for Tracking Salary Workers

Do you want to track your salaried worker activities, location, or vacation time? This article offers four handy ways you can use Virtual TimeClock with your salaried workers.


Import Timecards to Payroll

Virtual TimeClock supports payroll integration with the most popular payroll products on the market, including: QuickBooks Desktop, ADP Workforce Now, Paychex Flex and more.