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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

February is the shortest month in the year, but that doesn't mean there's any less to do! As you settle in for a busy month, we've rounded up articles on new labor laws for 2018, upgrading to Virtual TimeClock 18, and a few tips on using new features in version 18. If you have just a few minutes, we'd appreciate your help with a quick review of Virtual TimeClock.


New Employment Laws

This important article provides a brief listing of new employment laws for 2018 as well as changes that have occurred to minimum wage and sick leave laws throughout in the United States.


How to Upgrade to Version 18

Virtual TimeClock 18 is a free upgrade because of your enrollment in our annual software Maintenance & Support program. This brief article will help you get upgraded to Version 18 in just a few minutes.


Automatic Update Controls

The automatic software updates in Virtual TimeClock 18 are a great time saver. In certain situations, you may want to control how these updates are handled by Virtual TimeClock.


Enhanced Program Logs

Our latest release expands and improves program logs, making it easier than ever to review errors, track timecard changes and spot potential issues that may require your involvement or management.


We Need Your Review!

Do you rely on user reviews when considering a new purchase? If you love Virtual TimeClock, we'd very much appreciate you taking just a few minutes to review Virtual TimeClock on Capterra. Thanks for helping us spread the word!